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Guardian Homes

All About Our

Our Guardian Home program allows Graber breeding dogs to be fostered by loving forever homes while still maintaining status as a breeding dog for a contracted numbers of litters. We are looking for qualified Guardian Homes to love on our pups and support our program. Here is some information on our program and what it entails for us and our guardian homes.


Guardian Home Responsibilities

There are several responsibilities that our guardian homes agree to when joining the program. You can download the more in-depth descriptions of all of these in our full agreement.

  • Provide a forever home to the momma dog

  • Training the momma dog

  • Feed pup our recommended premium dog food

  • Keep up on vaccinations, deworming etc.

  • Take care of all vet expenses and give access to the Breeder

  • Provide prenatal vitamins when the momma dog is pregnant

  • Stay in communication with Breeder and give Breeder access to momma dog when requested

Our Responsibilities

Our main responsibility as the Breeder is to provide each Guardian home with a quality momma dog.

  • All genetic testing

  • Training the puppy up until it joins the guardian home

  • Transportation to pregnancy appointments and all veterinarian bills regarding the pregnancy and puppies

  • Care for momma dog from 10 days prior to birth to the weaning of the litter.

  • Handle all the costs and communication associated with the new puppies in the litter

  • Advertising and selling of all puppies 


How does it work?


Below is our process for our Graber Puppy Lodge Guardian Homes:

  1. Interested Guardian homes will fill out an application and agreement with Graber Puppy Lodge

  2. We will inform you when we have a new puppy ready to enter the program. 

  3. Once the puppy is of age, she will go home with the guardian family.

  4. Guardian family will inform GPL when she enters her first heat and every heat after that. 

  5. GPL will take her to the vet and do the necessary testing to see if she is ready to bear puppies. 

  6. When she is getting closer to giving birth, she will come to stay at the GPL nursery (10 days prior to her due date). Graber Puppy Lodge will take care of her and her puppies as they come. 

  7. The momma dog will return back to the Guardian home once her puppies have been weaned.

  8. Guardian family will let GPL know when the momma dog is in heat again and this process continues until GPL has determined the momma dog is no longer suitable to have puppies or when contracted number of litters have occurred. 

  9. Once removed from the program, Breeder will arrange for the momma dog to be spayed (breeders expense) and will transfer ownership of her to the Guardian family. 


In Becoming a Guardian Family?

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