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Providing Everything You Need to Care For Your Puppy
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Breeding Program

The Puppy Lodge specializes in breeding high-quality doodles and poodles with a focus on loyalty, intelligence, and non-shedding coats. They offer puppies raised with thorough health testing and a two-year genetic health guarantee.

Grooming Studio

The grooming studio at The Puppy Lodge provides professional grooming services to keep your furry friend looking and feeling their best. From baths to trims, they ensure your pet is well-cared for and pampered.

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Guardian Homes

The Guardian Home program allows breeding dogs to live in loving homes while still being part of the breeding program. Qualified homes provide care, love, and support for the dogs, contributing to the success of the breeding program.

Puppy Delivery

For added convenience, The Puppy Lodge offers a personalized puppy delivery service. They ensure a stress-free process by personally delivering your new furry family member to the closest airport, keeping you updated throughout the journey.

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