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What Sets Us Apart

Our puppies are intentionally bred and raised with their best interest in mind. See how we raise our puppies to be service dogs, emotional support companions and family oriented. We are dedicated to ensuring that our puppies receive the best possible training and socialization to excel in their respective roles and provide invaluable companionship. Don't just take our word for it- check out some of of the rave reviews from our satisfied customers here.

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Let's cut to the chase...

Empowered Breeder

At The Puppy Lodge, we have extensive experience and knowledge in implementing effective practices to ensure that our puppies have a strong foundation and are well-prepared to adapt to new situations with their forever families. We Follow the badass breeder approach , which is designed to lay the groundwork for therapy and service dog training, as well as cultivate a lifelong loyal companion. This curriculum begins from the day the puppies are born, setting them on the path to success and providing them with the best possible start in life.

Health Testing

Ensuring the temperament and health of our dogs is our utmost priority. Before a dog becomes part of our breeding program, they undergo a series of tests specific to their breed. These tests include evaluations of their temperament, genetic screenings, and assessments such as OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and/or PennHIP (Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program). By conducting these tests, we aim to produce the highest quality offspring and prevent potential health issues from being passed down. Health testing is a critical aspect of our breeding program, as it allows us to prioritize the well-being and overall quality of our dogs.


Early neurological stimulation is a training program that includes mild stimulations to very young puppies from days 3-16 in a controlled way. This curriculum helps encourage neurological growth, which improves puppies immune system, cardiovascular system, and stress tolerance you can learn more about ENS here.


Positive socialization is vital in raising a well-balanced and well-adjusted dog. By exposing puppies to various people, animals, and environments at an early age, they learn to adapt and interact positively with their surroundings. This helps them develop confidence, reduce fear or aggression, and build positive relationships with both humans and other animals. Regular handling, playtime, and exposure to different stimuli are all important aspects of socialization that contribute to a puppy's overall development and future behavior. 

Sound Training

Once puppies reach around 2 weeks of age and their ears start to open, we begin sound training. Our goal is to expose them to a variety of loud, new, and unusual sounds that they will encounter throughout their lives. This includes sounds inside the home, such as the vacuum or dishwasher, as well as sounds in different environments like dog parks or the outside world. By teaching puppies to be comfortable with all sorts of sounds, we are laying the foundation for a well-balanced and well-behaved dog. If you're interested in learning more about our sound training approach, you can visit our blog or check out our Spotify playlist for a firsthand experience.


Each day, we familiarize the puppies with unfamiliar objects and different environments. This routine helps them become more comfortable and adaptable to new surfaces and surroundings as they grow older. We introduce them to new areas within the home and yard, provide them with unique toys, and encourage play on sensory mats. We take great care to be mindful of the puppies' fear periods, ensuring that we never frighten them but instead create positive and enjoyable experiences for them.

What to expect

We take immense pride in delivering an exceptional puppy adoption experience. Our commitment to transparency is evident through our regular updates on Instagram and weekly emails, allowing you to witness your puppy's growth firsthand. We prioritize prompt communication by responding to emails and direct messages within 24 hours, ensuring that you receive the highest level of service. 


T0 have the puppy of your dreams, training is key. Training begins with us before they come home and will need to continue for the rest of their lives. We begin our training by teaching our puppies fundamental concepts  like potty training, crate training and leash walking. Our aim is to make the transition home smoother and less stressful for everyone. 

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