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Stud Services

Please click book now to inquire using one of our studs. We have an incredible lineup of impressive boys who are all proven and they do their job well every single time. Please take a minute to read their bio's as we believe temperament is very important and this can help you know what to expect in their offspring. Let's produce some well-rounded, amazing puppies together!

Here's How
We Can Help

  • Shipped fresh-chilled semen

  • In house progesterone testing, collection & AI

  • Meet at your vet for TCI

  • Boarding of your female while in heat

  • 24/7 support


Archieis a multi-gen mini Goldendoodle weighing 19 lbs. He is known for his laid-back demeanor, Archie adores his canine companions and is both intelligent and eager to please his human family. Intense red.

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Coat Genetics: FF TT 

Color Genetics: ee kb/ky B/b Ssp M*m 

Stats: 19 lbs and 16" tall

Health: genetically clear through embark except one copy ALT, ICH1 and prcd

Stud Fee: $1,000 local or $1,500 shipped

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Amigo is an F1B mini goldendoodle weighing 24 lbs. He's known for his loyalty and striking appearance. He is a handsome boy who exudes elegance, often seen sitting with his paws crossed and his tail elegantly curled up on his back. Despite his preference for a relaxed pace of life, Amigo's presence is always noticed, making him a standout companion. Amigo was raised in our care and is the offspring of Millie. Intermediate Red.

Coat Genetics: FF TT 

Color Genetics: ee KBKB BB Ssp

Stats: 24 lbs and 18" tall

Health: Genetically clear through embark except one copy of ALT and prcd

Stud Fee: $900 local or $1,400 shipped


Diesel is characterized by his curly, deep red coat and his gentle nature, making him the biggest sweetheart you'll ever come across. He adores children and can get quite excited around them, but he is always gentle and affectionate. Diesel's favorite activities include playing fetch, practicing basic commands, and going for walks.

Coat Genetics: pending

Color Genetics: pending

Stats: 30 pounds- not yet proven

Health: pending

Stud Fee: $250 local $600 shipped

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Barkley is a toy poodle weighing 9lbs, he's a sociable boy who enjoys the company of people. His favorite activities include playing with squeaky toys and being around people. He is a highly esteemed member of our program and passes on his playful and mischievous nature to his puppies and you will also see beautiful dark red coats with white abstract/tuxedo. Barkley is also open for outside stud service.

Coat Genetics: C/C2 FF n/SD

Color Genetics:At/At BB DD ee N/S

Stats: 9 lbs and 10" tall

Health: Clear animal genetics panel except one copy Cddy

Stud Fee: $1,500 local or 2,000 shipped

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