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F1BB toy Goldendoodle


9 lbs

Coat Type Testing:

Genetic Disorders:

Demi, weighing 9 pounds, exudes pure sweetness. She resides in a guardian home at my parents' residence, where my twin brothers lovingly care for her. Demi always maintains a well-groomed appearance, as her little people are just that diligent in taking care of her, you will always see them brushing her or spending time training her while rewarding her with her favorite treats. If you encounter Demi, her affectionate nature will leave a lasting impression, as she is loving yet never imposes demands. Demi holds a special place in our hearts as we raised her from our own breeding lines. Her parents, Nitro and Peanut, have passed down their exceptional traits to Demi. This connection to her lineage adds to Demi's unique charm and personality, making her a cherished part of our history and future.

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